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New Barrackpore Municipality is a small but notable ULB situated in the vicinity of Kolkata. It is at a distance of about 17 km from proper Kolkata. Its area is It has on its western boundary, a canal known as Noai. Its eastern boundary is marked by another canal, namely Fatesha.

The north of it is demarcated by Sodepur Road and aforesaid Noai canal. North DumDum Municipality lies on its south. Its population as per 2001 census, is 83,183 (including BPL population of 21 %).

The percentages of male and female population are roughly 50.24 and 49.76 respectively. The decadal growth rate as reflected from the census population of 1991 and 2001 is 17.84. The population strength may have, by this time reached the figure of almost one lakh.

It is inhabited mostly by the refugees hailing from erstwhile East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, after partition of India. It has 15420 households. The area stretches from 88.4300 E to 88.4540 E in terms of longtitude and 22.760 N to 22.70 N in terms of latitude. Linkages of rail have added to the importance of this U.L.B. Railway lines  connecting Bongaon, Hasnabad with Sealdah, Dalhousie, Canning and Naihati have passed through the heart of this Municipality where there is a full fledged busy railway station. A PWD Road connected with innumerable Municipal Roads and lanes is linked with the Sodepur Road and Jessore Road. DumDum Airport (now Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport) is at a stone’s throw from its southern boundary. Available climatic data reveal its highest temperature as 390 C during the summer and the lowest temperature as 110 C during the winter. The average humidity as recorded is 80 % and the average yearly rainfall counts to 1650 mm. The prevalent wind direction is South - East corner to North – West corner. 

Besides being small in size, this ULB is still far behind most other ULBs in matter of own economic base owing to the fact that it has no industry, small or large, in the formal sector. There exist only some small cottage industries in informal sectors. Its main sources of finance to carry on its various development works are Property Tax, Water Cess, Enlistment Fee (Provisional Trade License), Food License, Van and Rickshaw License, Building / Site plan charges, Mutation and Property Tax charge, Surcharge on transfer of land, Water Connection charge, Advertisement tax etc. and revenue earned from its own market. This ULB has to go on with its development plans with the funds raised from its limited sources and with the grants and Aids from Central / State Govt. This ULB has, of late, expanded its field of financial sources by way of making ceremonial houses, housing complexes, auditorium complexes, working sheds for small entrepreneurs like foam bag manufactures, tailoring, soft doll manufacturing and ornamental jute products. This ULB aims at making a few more housing complexes, ceremonial houses, municipal markets within a span of five years by adopting adequate and realistic projects in the DDP under process. This ULB has also taken ventures of adopting projects in public- private partnership.

After partition of India, millions of people migrated from the erstwhile East Pakistan, now Bangladesh to find shelter in this state. This place, now named New Barrackpore, being very close to the city of Kolkata, was chosen as one of the places for settlement of those refugees.

Almost entire area of the place was covered with jungles and bushes. The initial settlers (refugees) set up a colony here by cutting jungles bushes and named it ‘Naba Barrackpore’. They formed a Co- operative society to shoulder the initial responsibility of its development. Gradually small roads (pucca & kancha) were built certain facilities of essential things were developed. But the settlers were disillusioned at the services rendered by the said Co- operative society, as those were not only inadequate but also not based on scientific consideration. In such a state of affairs necessity of bringing it under Municipal administration was felt, and the “NewBarrackpore Municipality came into existence in 1965 with 16 Wards and a population of 25,500...
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