Information Technology

  Information Technology   e-Governance APPLICATIONS: Introduction of automated service has brought about a remarkable dynamism in different important fields of work of this ULB.  
1. Online (Intranet) Tax Collection & delivery of computerized receipts of the same. Particulars of Tax demand, Tax arrears, defaulters in payment, non-tax payers have been stored in our computers and those are instantly available as and when necessary.
2. Online (Intranet) Birth & Death Registration & printing of relevant certificates.
3. A Wireless Radio Networking System which acts as Virtual Private Network (VPN), has been built up with the Technical Assistance of TULIP IT within the Municipal Area (covering 2 to 2.5 km) from Municipal Office to a remote centre for collection of Property Tax, issuance of Birth & Death Certificates etc, as a part of Decentralization Policy.
4. Online accounting software “Purohisab”.
5. Online software for:

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