Solid Waste Management

S.W.M. Solid Waste Management

New Barrackpore Municipality with a population of 83,183 (Census 2001) and area of 6.89 is about 17 km away from Kolkata. This being a place nearer to the Metropolis had to confront and has been confronting still with various types of problems – some being acceptable while others are unpleasant. Like other ULB, Solid Waste Management was one of the major problems of this Municipality. This problem originated from unplanned settlement of migrated people from East Pakistan (Bangladesh) on most of the vacant lands of this ULB. The scattered pieces of land left vacant had also been sold at very high prices following rapid urbanization. This too added to the problems of disposal of Solid Waste accumulated within this ULB.


Initially there was no regular system of disposal of garbages thrown or heap outside by the household, shops and other establishment. The Municipal authority has to engage labours to collect all these scatteredly accumulated garbages for storing in certain open sites. No regular and planned system of collecting the garbages and domestic waste or cleaning the road & drains was followed till January, 2000.