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New Barrackpore Municipality with a population of 83,183 (Census 2001) and area of 6.89 is about 17 km away from Kolkata. This being a place nearer to the Metropolis had to confront and has been confronting still with various types of problems – some being acceptable while others are unpleasant. Like other ULB, Solid Waste Management was one of the major problems of this Municipality. This problem originated from unplanned settlement of migrated people from East Pakistan (Bangladesh) on most of the vacant lands of this ULB. The scattered pieces of land left vacant had also been sold at very high prices following rapid urbanization. This too added to the problems of disposal of Solid Waste accumulated within this ULB.


Initially there was no regular system of disposal of garbages thrown or heap outside by the household, shops and other establishment. The Municipal authority has to engage labours to collect all these scatteredly accumulated garbages for storing in certain open sites. No regular and planned system of collecting the garbages and domestic waste or cleaning the road & drains was followed till January, 2000.

In February, 2000, the Board of Councillors, for the first time took the decision of collecting garbage/domestic waste from door-steps by engaging some unemployed youths of the locality. Each youth was entrusted with the job of collecting waste matters from 200 to 250 houses in tri-cycle van provided by the Municipality against a sum of Rs. Five payable by each household against authenticated coupons.
As per system prescribed to these youths, they are to dump the collected garbage/waste matter on particular sites of the roads from where Municipal vehicles carry those garbages to certain low-land areas for filling or dumping. Before launching this said programme, several public awareness meetings were held by the Councillors in their respective wards and centrally by the Chairman on the project. It was taken up for implementation only when the people here concentrate to it.
In May, 2003, the Board of Councillors took the decision of banning the use of poly-bags/carry-bags. To achieve success in this venture this Municipality took various positive steps to make the people aware of the harmful effect of these things on our environment by arranging seminars with eminent personalities, meeting with different Mass Organisation, Trade Organisation, Media, Publicity, Walking demonstration joined by students, teachers, councillors, citizens and different political leaders.
Later on September, 2003, this ULB in association with North Dum Dum Municipality procured a land measuring about 13 Acres at a little distance from here for joint use as the dumping ground for our Solid Wastes. With Financial Assistance from KMDA & CPCB a Project amounting to Rs. 5.51 Crore for setting up of a model facility for management of solid waste has been approved. The project was inaugurated on 7th September, 2003, by Sri. Ashoke Bhattacharya, Hon’ble MIC, M. A. & U. Dev. Dept., Govt. of W.B.
The detailed report of the project has been prepared by KMDA itself. A MOU prepared by Sri. P .U. Asnane, The Consultant, CPCB has been signed by the Municipality and Additional Chief Engineer, KMDA, and a registered society for developing a common treatment and disposal facility for the Municipal Solid Waste for both the Municipality on certain terms and condition has been formed. The role played by Mr. P.U. Asnane a renowned Consultant appointed by CPCB for Expeditious implementation of the project by way of constant liaison among two ULBs, KMDA, WBPCB and CPCB is really praiseworthy. The first phase of the schedule work shown below has already been completed.
1st PHASE OF THE PROJECT (Project Cost – Rs. 177.58 Lakhs) :
It needs to be mentioned here that besides campaign by ward councillors in this regard a vigorous door to door awareness campaign was conducted on 9h August, 2004, by about 2000 students divided in several group. Each of these groups was accompanied by teacher, councillor, member ward committee and citizens of the locality. This had a tremendous effect on the citizens of this locality before the start of the project, assistant by the KMDA & CPCB on 15th August, 2004.

a) Tractor with Hydraulic attachment

11 Nos.

b) Container carriers with Hydraulic Power Frame

4 Nos.

c) Containers 3.5 M3

57 Nos.

d) Containers 4.5 M3

8 Nos.

e) Tricycle Vans

71 Nos.

f) Litter Bins with handles

880 Nos. (440 from ULB fund)

g) Litter Bins for Slum area

300 Nos.

h) Household Plastic Bins for door-step collection

16100 Nos.

i) Covered Refuse Trailer for Ceremony House

8 Nos.

j) Covered Tripping Trailer with Hydraulic Power

2 Nos.

k) Hand Trolley

71 Nos.

l) Revolving Waste Bins

200 Nos.

m) Broom-Sticks, Shovel etc.

Requisite Quantities

(3) House to house collection through containerized tricycles started from 15th August & covered 16 Wards of 20 fully and the rest 3 partially. By 30th September, 2004, left portion of the Ward covered.

(4) Segregation of Biodegradable & Non-degradable Wastes has started in all the Wards.

(5) Transportation through containerized system to dumping site has started.

(6) Uniforms with aprons and mask has been provided to the concerned worker
2nd PHASE OF THE PROJECT ( Project Cost – Rs. 374 Lakhs) :
Multifarious works of the very project relating to vermiculture, compost plant, sanitary land filling and related infrastructures started in January 2007. The location of this project is at Fatellahpur of North Dum Dum Muniaipality. The project area is more or less 13 acres. In an area of 5 acres of it a modern Vermi Compost Plant having productive capacity of 75 Metric Tonnes has been made. This compost plant will produce bio-chemical manure out of bio-degradable waste matters with the help of vermies. The total no of vermin-pits is 75 of the size 15m x 1.50m x 0.60m. The area of concrete platform is 2216 sq.m. and that of the base of the sanitary land fill area is 3m x 35m.

The non-biodegradable portion of the waste matters will be piled here in a scientific manner. About 4 lakhs of people of both the Municipalities (viz. North Dum Dum and New Barrackpore ) will be benefited by this project.

The approximate cost of this project for the works of its two phases is 551.58 Lakhs.

Special Features of this Model Project:

1) 1) This project will enable North Dum Dum and New Barrackpore to dispose their respective solid wastes in a scientific manner.
2) 2) The project area is under jurisdiction of 25.45 of North Dum Dum and 6.89 of New Barrackpore.
3) 3) Around 4 lakhs of people of the two ULB areas will derive benefit out of this project.
4) 4) This project will help yielding bio-chemical manure out of bio-degradable wastes. Non-biodegradable wastes will be carried to the Sanitary landfill area of the project field.
This model project was inaugurated by Shri. Ashoke Bhattacharya, Hon’ble Minister-in-charge, Municipal Affairs and Urban Development Departments, Govt. of West Bengal, in presence of other dignitaries to the cheers of thousands of citizens of both the Municipalities on 19th February, 2009.
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